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We are Total Design

We're more than 14,000 specialist, working 90+ disclines in more than 34 Countries

BGS Constriction

Nothing good comes easy but at BGS, we handle all your building projects with ease. We provide quality, excellent service that meets and exceed clients’ expectations which is cost effective within agreed time frames.

BGS Mining

Our objective is to engage in and influence clients and the general public on the most timely issues that impact mining's ability to safely and sustainably locate,permit, mine, transport and utilize the nation's vast resources.

BGS Manufacturing

We at BGS have our clients in mind. We provide nothing but the best in terms of quality products to help improve customers' satisfaction and retention; moderate prices to suite clients' disposable income;

BGS Travel and Tours

Here at BGS, we offer you the best experience. We arrange travel and accommodation for our clients, provide adequate information, brochures, maps etc for clients to their locations.

BGS Real Estate

Providing affordable and luxurious apartments for our clients at desired locations. We aim to provide a personalised professional service across the broad scope of real estate fields.

BGS Scurities

Your safety is our concern at BGS. We provide security in homes, business organizations, schools, hospitals as well as events. Our aim is to achieve optimal customer satisfaction.

BGS Multimedia

Engages in text authoring, photography, advertising (i.e personal, business and product) on TV, radio stations, publishing and movies.

BGS Insurance

Here at BGS, we provide to you a range of insurance policies to protect you and your business against the risk of financial losses. Our payments are instant and stress free.

BGS Assembling

We combine various parts to make a large and more complex machines be it cars, computers, mobile phones with the aim of providing only quality.

BGS Consultancy

BGS provides you with everything you need to be successful in business. We help business owners and entrepreneurs develop the business objectives.

BGS Engineering

Our focus is on solving problems, and discovering new ways to make life better for the general public. We create processes and designs as well as maintenance and operations.

BGS Help & Supports

BGS gives Support 24/7