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Nothing good comes easy but at BGS, we handle all your building projects with ease.


Our objective is to engage in and influence clients and the general public on the most timely issues that impact mining's ability to safely .


Providing affordable and luxurious apartments for our clients at desired locations.

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Travel and Tours

Here at BGS, we offer you the best experience. We arrange travel and accommodation for our clients, provide adequate information, brochures, maps etc for clients to their locations.

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Real Estate

We understand the real estate market better and can help you pilot every aspect of real estate development in Ghana and beyond.

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Here at BGS, we provide to you a range of insurance policies to protect you, Our payments are instant and stress free. No "go and come"... No "lack of funds".

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"The only limitation one has is the mind. Think big and do more. Let's travel from imagination to reality"

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